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Women who want to succeed at work should resist the temptation to act like men, scientists have said.

Studies show that assertive women are often less likely to get ahead than those who exhibit more feminine traits.

If however, they try to conform, promotion comes their way.

The findings, which will dismay feminists, suggest that the best way for a woman to succeed in a man's world is to act like a lady.

Past research has shown that women oozing with self-confidence, assertiveness and other characteristics linked with successful management can be sidelined at work in favour of meeker types.

It is thought that while such traits are highly-prized in men, go-getting women are penalised for not being feminine enough.

Instead of being seen as strong bosses, feisty women are perceived as being less likeable.

In one US study into the so-called 'backlash effect', volunteers were given a selection of CVs from university students applying for summer job at a bank.

A woman applicant who attempted to negotiate extras such as help towards their transport or living costs was three and a half times less likely to get a job offer than a similarly pushy male.

In fact, the pushy women were the least likely of the lot to get taken on.

The latest study set out to explore what women who are naturally assertive can do to get ahead in the workplace.

Eighty young men and women completed questionnaires about their personality and while doing master's degree in business administration in America.

Around eight years later, the researchers got back in touch with them to find out how their careers were going.

Some had been promoted five times, others just once or twice, a journal published by the British Psychological Society reports.

The results revealed that 'macho' women who were true to themselves had been promoted less than more feminine sorts.

But the bossy women who made a conscious effort to not appear to threatening by 'self-monitoring' their behaviour had done better than those who had carried on regardless.


1. ooze: if somebody/something oozes a particular characteristic, quality, etc., they show it strongly 洋溢着,充满(特质、气质等)
2. sideline: to prevent somebody from having an important part in something that other people are doing(把……排除在核心之外;使靠边)
3. penalise: to put somebody at a disadvantage by treating them unfairly(置于不利地位;不公正地对待)
4. feisty: (of people) strong, determined and not afraid of arguing with people(人)坚决而据理力争的
5. backlash: a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, for example to something that has recently changed in society (对社会变动等的)强烈抵制,集体反对
6. CV: 履历,简历(全写为 curriculum vitae)
7. pushy: trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rude(执意强求的)
8. true to oneself: 坚持自已的原则
9. bossy: always telling people what to do(好指挥人的;专横的)