双语:2008年度美国十大最愚蠢圣诞礼物出炉2008-12-06 12:30:36
Top 10 stupid Christmas gifts unveiledShort of gift ideas for that person who really does have everything? Then how about an underwear repair kit or maybe a Barack Obama "Yes, We Can" can op
双语:日本政府鼓励国民多吃大米2008-12-05 08:44:42
Japanese told to eat more riceThe Japanese government has urged the nation to eat more rice in a new drive to boost the nation's self-sufficiency.Once the most important ingredient in every Japanese
双语:英研究揭秘为何婆媳难相处2008-12-04 11:39:59
It is usually husbands who crack the jokes about difficult, interfering mothers-in-law.But their wives probably have more reason to complain.A study of hundreds of families has found that mothers are
调查:意大利男人全世界最帅2008-12-04 11:38:48
Italians voted best looking but bald, old are OK tooItalians are considered the most handsome men in the world while men who are balding and aging do not necessarily lose their looks, according to an
双语:赖斯访英 为女王弹奏钢琴2008-12-04 11:33:41
Condoleezza Rice plays piano for Queen at palaceOutgoing US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice played the piano for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace Monday as a farewell gesture before the end of
双语:美国任期最短的十位总统2008-12-03 08:38:47
Some presidents seem to have far too long in the Whitehouse (I am not naming names), but some have had so little time that they were barely able to fulfill their duties. This is a list of the ten shor
双语:世界各地庆奥巴马当选美国总统2008-11-23 11:41:56
From Europe and Asia to the Middle East, many expressed amazement that the US could overcome centuries of racial strife and elect an African-American president. 从欧洲到亚洲再到中东,世界各地的人们都
双语:科索沃宣布独立2008-11-23 09:29:47
As expected, Kosovo's parliamenthas voted in favour of independence from Serbia. The declaration, read by Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, announced that Kosovo was "an independent and sovereignstat
双语:暴雪袭击中国2008-11-23 09:29:08
Severe snowstorms over broad swaths of eastern and central China have wreaked havoc on traffic throughout the country, creating gigantic passenger backups, spawning accidents and leaving at least 24 p
双语:奥巴马引导时尚潮流2008-11-21 16:02:06
There are campaign buttons, jewellery, teddy bears and even women's g-string underpants--and academics and vendors say the items are being sold  at unprecedented levels.印有选举图案的商品包括竞选运动
美国电视家长协会制定卡通片分级2008-10-06 11:32:10
The Parents Television Council was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media. Our national grassroots organiz
塞浦路斯发现世上最古老香水2008-10-06 11:28:52
     The world's oldest perfumes have been found on Cyprus by a team of archaeologists. The perfumes were scented with extracts of lavender, bay, rosemary, pine or coriander and kept in tiny transluc
“不可告人”的网瘾2008-10-01 10:20:14
More than one in eight U.S. adults finds it hard to stay away from the Internet for several days at a time and about one in 11 tries to hide his or her online habit, according to a study released on T
大多数美国人相信天使的存在2008-10-01 10:19:38
  bluebird in the garden, a spirit in a house, a kind man on the side of the road. Americans are big believers in angels, although not necessarily the ones with halos(1) and wings.   花园中的蓝知更
英哈里王子决心戒烟2008-10-01 10:15:44
   Prince HarryPrince Harry, 22, the third in line for the British throne has now vowed to quit smoking in the New Year, ahead of a sweeping Army ban, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday. He has smoke
苹果公司与甲壳虫的苹果唱片公司达成新协议2008-10-01 10:08:18
Apple, Beatles Come Together Apparently, they can work it out.Ending more than two decades of legal wrangling—and potentially opening up iTunes to the crown jewel of music catalogs—the iPod-hawking
世界人口在2050年之前将突破90亿2008-09-29 09:21:35
UNITED NATIONS - The world's population will likely reach 9.2 billion in 2050, with virtually(实质上,实际上) all new growth occurring in the developing world, a U.N. report said Tuesday. According
13岁孩子赢得美国破鞋大赛2008-09-29 09:20:11
   Thirteen-year-old Katharine Tuck's sneakers are equal opportunity offenders. They smell as bad as they look. Now, the Utah seventh grader is $2,500 richer because of it: On Tuesday, she out-ranked
印度警察穿上香味警服2008-09-29 09:19:19
Police in India's Western state of Gujarat are to wear new uniforms impregnated with the fragrance of flowers and citrus to help improve their image. "Most policemen look hassled, drenched in sw
印度工学院限制学生上网2008-09-29 09:17:34
        One of India's top engineering schools has restricted Internet access in its hostels, saying addiction to surfing, gaming and blogging was affecting students' performance, making them reclus
科学家利用DNA分析技术保护非洲大象2008-09-29 09:17:02
    WASHINGTON - The complex science of DNA analysis is now helping protect elephants by showing police and conservationists the source of black-market ivory.     The price of ivory has nearly quadrup
Google愚人节恶搞:“通过厕所上网”2008-09-29 09:11:16
    Google announced a novel way to access the Internet -- via the toilet -- in an April Fool's Day gag on its website Sunday.   The Mountain View, California-based technology concern introduce
英国:产假延长 企业叫苦不迭2008-09-29 09:09:30
  Businesses in UK claim reforms of maternity  leave which came into force yesterday will saddle them with a £2billion bill.   The period of paid leave to which new mothers are entitled has bee
靠全球强力需求英特尔利润增长25%2008-08-07 08:24:30
Profit Rises 25% at Intel on Strong Global Demand SAN FRANCISCO — Finally, some good news for Wall Street.Despite high gas prices and widespread fears of an economic downturn, Intel, the largest chip
谷歌和雅虎在听证会上为广告联盟辩护2008-08-07 08:19:31
Google and Yahoo Defend Ad Alliance at a Hearing GOOGLE and Yahoo lawyers defended their recent decision to partner on advertising Tuesday at a Congressional hearing, arguing that the arrangement did