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Teenage crush


At first sight, the plotline of Our Times seems like a normal, humdrum youth drama.


An ordinary girl meets a riffraff boy at high school. They hide their love for each other, fearing their feelings are unrequited. They grow up and drift apart.


However, Our Times, a female version of You Are the Apple of My Eye, is duplicating its predecessor’s success. Since it debuted on Aug 14 in Taiwan, Our Times is now this year’s highest grossing local film in Taiwan and has taken social media by storm.


First-time director Frankie Chen, who “found success as a television drama producer” of popular dramas such as Fated to Love You, is an expert at reminding viewers of their adolescent years. She applies her talents to this puppy love film, which marks her first outing as a movie director.


The film revolves around a girl’s bittersweet first love, and it brims with all the cute, sentimental moments of adolescent romance.


Our Times depicts, in detail, the protagonist’s high school experiences with a mixture of pain and pleasure.


In a way, this allows the film to surpass You Are the Apple of My Eye. In Apple, the story begins to sag at its midpoint, as the lovers head to separate colleges. The 2011 hit was unable to maintain the outlandish humor of its first hour.


Lin Ange, 20, a student at Jinan University, has always been a fan of coming-of-age films. You Are the Apple of My Eye used to be her favorite. “I think Our Times is even better. We all have a classmate like Shen Jiayi in Apple who’s a teacher’s pet and desired by every stripling, but [Our Times’] Truly Lin is more like myself – an average girl whose cheeks burn red with blushing when a campus hunk is present, who screams for pop idols and who tries to be brave and get dolled up for the one she likes.”


The mainland film market is also filled with coming-of-age stories. This year alone, Chinese cinemas have featured The Left Ear, Forever Young and many more. These films do well at the box office but receive little critical acclaim.


“I think Taiwan film producers understand better how to seize the young audience, while mainland filmmakers tend to educate. Many youth films, even including the well-received So Young, convey the idea that there’s a cost to growing up. Actually I believe a light-hearted tone is more appealing to our youth. Abortion, betrayal, death... that’s rare event,” said Wu Guoping, 21, from Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology.




humdrum ['hʌmdrʌm]
adj. 单调的;无聊的n. 单调;乏味vi. 单调令味地进行

sentimental [,senti'mentəl]
adj. 感伤的;感情脆弱的

adolescent [,ædəu'lesənt]
adj. 青春期的;未成熟的n. 青少年

outlandish [aut'lændiʃ]
adj. 古怪的;奇异的;异国风格的;偏僻的

protagonist [prəu'tæɡənist]
n. 主角,主演;主要人物,领导者