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Whether or not we know it or like it, customer service is a great part of everyone’s life. Even if one does not own a business or provide services to others, we are constantly selling ourselves into whatever it is that we want to pursue.


Truly successful people are master manipulators in their field; at least that’s what most people would attest to. They sit and strategize for hours, plotting their way to their clients’ satisfaction. If success is a function of manipulation, then what is manipulation, anyway? A warm smile? An occasional joke? Making a client feel that his or her needs are important? That may be manipulation in its own right, but we may just as easily conclude that those are all merely attempts to create lasting and fulfilling relationships with clients.


Unfortunately, we tend to embrace the bad manipulation as much as we do the good. This can mean twisting the truth, delivering below reasonable expectations, and selling out to something outside of our personal values. Fortunately, many people can see through this.


What are you left with when you remove the white lies, evil tactics, and unethical behavior? The answer is — real tactics that work. If you manipulate without performance, you will not only loose the clients that you already have, but you will relieve yourself of those potential clients that supportive and satisfied clients refer.

不利用那些无恶意的小谎言,鬼伎俩和不道德的行为,我们还剩什么呢?答案就是--- 真正管用的战术。如果你只会操纵阴谋诡计,而没有实际成就,你不仅会疏远已有的客户,而且会失掉那些潜在的客户和忠实客户的参考。

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.”---Sam Walton


10 Pretty “Ploys” To Very Happy Clients


1. Be honest.

1 诚信

When it comes to great customer service, honesty is key. It is one situation when something legitimately goes awry, and an entirely different one when you anticipate that your promises will not equal your performance. Keep in mind that your most important clients are the ones that you are already serving.You want them to continue to do business with you and to tell others that you are a person of your word, not an eloquent fraud.


2. Be accessible.

2 容易联系

Be sure to give your client all of your contact information so that you can be reached at any point in your correspondence. Many clients worry, especially when it comes to their money. You must be there to reassure them that you are creating the best possible experience for them.


3. Be respectful.

3 尊重人

Treat all people, regardless of their job, race, age or status, with the utmost respect. Whether you are working with the CEO of a very prominent company, or a cleaning lady, you should respect their time and their concerns. It is alright to disagree, but a professional must think with clear arguments in mind and be able to present those arguments readily.


Never mock or belittle your clients, and always keep what is supposed to be confidential, confidential.


4. Meet deadlines with quality work.

4 按时按质完成任务

This is the stuff that testimonials are made of. When you a customer is satisfied with the quality of your work, and it’s delivered on time, they’re much more likely to pass this on to their friends and colleagues.


It is important that you do not settle for mediocrity and push yourself to the best of your abilities. It is for this that you will be appreciated.


5. Go above, and beyond.

5 超前服务

Think of your clients, even when it does not concern business. People are very pleasantly surprised by birthday and anniversary cards because it is so sweet of someone to have remembered. A call that takes a few minutes is cherished because it did not have to happen, and people gravitate toward others who exhibit this kind of care.


Check in with your customers, remind them of upcoming promotions and sales on something that they may like. Be conscious of their interests, and inquire about them–not because you are savvy and manipulative, but because you possess a genuine love for people and a commitment to excellent customer service. Cherish your relationships with your clients, and they will do the same to you, and even refer you to others!


6. Assert your Individuality.

6 强调你的独特性

What about you is so special that no one else can offer the same? Is it a particular talent, a winning personality, a special ability to sense a customers needs? Exceptional service is done by exceptional individuals who can display their own personal flare. Bring yourself into your work. It makes all the difference.


7. Be Genuine.

7 真实

This seems comparable to honesty, but in fact it is very different. People are fake all the time, and most of us can see right through it– it is that feeling in our stomachs, that inability to trust someone based on pure intuition.

That fear is certainly relieved when we sense that whoever is assisting us is looking to help us, not con us. You must show your customers that their comfort is very important to you, and that you are not out to get them.


8. Simplify!

8 简化!

There are many technical things that customers should know but that service providers are either hesitant to approach or do so in full force. Do not barrage and intimidate them. Explain those things in terms that they can understand and take into account. Be a facilitator and be prepared with alternatives.


9. Don’t Believe You Know Everything.

9 自己不是万事皆知

No matter how long you have been in the business, no matter what you know, change is coming, and you have to try to anticipate it. It would be very ignorant to think that you know everything and how it always will be. Be conscious of the fact that nothing is forever, and that there is no end to what you can learn.


10. Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

10 始终如一地追求进步

The secret to living a life that you love is consistently bettering yourself. This means physically, mentally, and spiritually. How does this aid you in producing happy clients? The knowledge that you are always getting better is the fastest route to self-confidence.


It allows you to feel confident in your job because you are put-together in your life. If you are living a healthy organized life in a good emotional state, you are able to handle even the most difficult of situations without running for the hills. The bottom line is, when you are confident in yourself, your clients are confident in you, and there is nothing more important to a client.

它让你在工作中感到自信,因为你生活有条理。如果你以愉悦的状态过着健康有条理的生活,你就能解决哪怕是最棘手的   麻烦而不必为此烦恼撞墙。底线是,当你自己感到自信时,你的客户自然也就信任你,这点最客户最为重要。

Conclusion: The tactics that have been given you are tools that can help better your relationships with people in business or with people in general. If we are to recognize that everyone wants to be treated with warmth and respect, we can learn to present these qualities in all of our relationships and use them to guide us in our quest to be better human beings.