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Currently, college students in growing numbers are seeking to cheat in exams. According to a recent survey made by Mary Wang, head editor of the 21st Century, there are about 38.6% who had some cheating behaviors at college, even in College English Test. Such an phenomenon has caused wide public concern.


1. Recent years, become more and more .It's estimated that .

2. Currently, people have to face the problem of .

3. Nowadays more and more people are beginning to realize that . For example, .


模仿练习: 1. 有些人决定毕业后读研. 2. 有些人决定毕业后工作. 3. 我的看法.

"Should college students go to work immediately or pursue their post graduate study after graduation? " When it comes to such a question, people opinion varies widely from person to person. Some people consider . In their eyes, . Besides, is also an important factor for .

However, some other hold that . According to them, . And, .

Personally, I am in favor of the former/later idea. For one thing, . For another, . Therefore, as mentioned above, will be my choice.


1. Currently, college students in growing numbers are seeking to cheat in exams, and people's opinions/attitudes/views are mixed/divided on this point.

2. Different people have different views on

3. There is no complete agreement among people as to


模仿练习: 许多大学生毕业后找不到工作这一现象的原因是. . .

After careful consideration, we can find three possible reasons to account for this trend. First of all, the expansion and amalgamation of universities provide chances for more students to receive higher education, but the job market cannot develop at the same speed. What's more, the situation is even worse with those students who unanimously chose the "hot" majors such as economics and accounting. In the third place, many students think too highly of themselves-they choose not to work at all if they are not satisfied with the job. They may think the pay is not satisfactory or the job is not decent at all.

模仿练习: Video Games

1.许多学生沉迷于电子游戏/网络聊天. 2.这一现象的原因是... 3.解决办法是...


1. Three reasons, in my mind, can account for this social phenomenon.

2. Several reasons can account for this phenomenon,

3. In my mind, the reasons why the Internet surfers are on the rise are as follows.

4. Have you ever thought of the famous proverb "A man is known by the company he keeps"? To me, it is meaningful and significant in three respects.



For one thing,...For another,...Finally,...

In the first place,...In the second place,...Finally,...

On one hand,...On the other hand,...

First of all,...In addition,...Consequently,...

To begin with,... what's more, ...last but not the least,......



The solutions to this problem seem more than clear on this occasion. Most important of all, the government should create more job opportunities. Moreover, university authority should be extremely careful in enrolling new students, taking into consideration of the job market. Last but by no means least, we should do our best to study hard and to learn skills by participating social practice.


1. It is, therefore, necessary that efforts should be made to stop pollution as early as possible.

2. We should take immediate measures, for if the present situation continues as before, serious outcome will come up.

3. It is high time that efforts should be paid to put...under control.



In my mind, I welcome this practice with applause. For one thing, the strict training will be invaluable to a young man, making him stronger both in body and in mind. For another, college students will help improve the quality of PLA soldiers as a whole, because they possess professional knowledge and skills. In addition, it is also a crucial move to help students be more patriotic and responsible, linking personal fortune with future of our motherland.

模仿练习:现在有些孩子上学很早, 我不同意这种做法。(反对)

1. Personally, I am in favor of

2. Weighting up these two arguments, I am for

3. As discussed above, each side has its advantages and disadvantages. If I have to make a decision, I'd prefer A to B, for the following reasons.



1. 电影观众越来越少 2. 电视观众越来越多, 因为. . . 3. 然而还是有人喜欢看电影,因为. . .

During the period between 1975 and 1985, film-goers declined abruptly from 85,000 to about 12,000, while TV-watchers increased sharply from 5,000 to more than 100,000.

Several reasons can account for this phenomenon, Compared with a film, TV is much cheaper and more convenient-you don't have to leave your house at all. Apart from that, you have many choices while watching TV, but film concentrates on a certain topic. However, there are still a number of people who enjoy going to the cinema, generally for two reasons.

On the one hand, the audiovisual effect of a cinema is much better. On the other hand, in quiet and comfortable place such as a cinema, you can concentrate on what you are watching and get the most of the film.


1. From / According to the above picture /table/ chart/ diagram/ graph, we can see that/ it can be learned/ estimated/ predicted that .

2. As can be seen from the above picture /table/ chart/ diagram/ graph, great / dramatic changes have taken place in in/from to .

3. As demonstrated/ shown / illustrated / described / seen from the chart / table / graph, we can see that .



1. 应用文:你一个正读大学的好朋友给你来信说他想放弃四级考试,请你给他写一封信,劝说他不要放弃。

2. 应用文:因为学生证丢失,申请补办,并说明其对你的重要性

3. 现象解释:自行车丢失现象很严重;其原因是...;如何解决。

4. 记叙文:The experience of my first job

5. 祝贺信:祝贺你的同学李明得到奖学金


Dear Mary,

Thank you for your letter dated June 2 which I reached me today. In the letter you said you wanted to give up the CET4 exam, and I am writing in the hope that you could hold up your spirit to take the exam and eventually pass it.

As you mentioned, English listening is your terrible dream. You can try the tape I sent to you with this letter. The tape was made by our college English teacher, which helped me a lot. You can also do some listening in the morning everyday. As for your vocabulary, you need to remember the words with sentences. Thirdly, you need to read at least 2 passages every day for the reason that reading takes much marks in the CET 4, and it can enlarge your vocabulary at the same time.

I wish you can take my advice and pursue your English study. May you get a high mark in the coming CET 4. If there is anything I can help, please let me know.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming

2. 应用文:因为学生证丢失,申请补办,并说明其对你的重要性

Dear Sir or Madame,

My name is Li Ming, a student of Business Department at our university. I am writing to re-question a new student identification card. A thief stole my wallet where I put it yesterday. I have made every efforts to seek it back. However my dear card just simply disappeared with the thief.

As you know, the student identification card is extremely useful for us. First of all, the CET 4 is drawing near, and I need it to enter the national test, which is held only two times a year. Besides, the student identification card is also required in the library and it is a "must" for me to withdraw money from the bank.

Please inform me when you have come to a decision. I am looking for your earlier reply. My telephone number is 54567xx. If further materials are required, I am only too willing to forward to you.

Many thanks,

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming

3. 寻物启事,应用文


June 23, 2007

I am so careless that I lost my student identification card in the library. Yesterday afternoon, I was studying English at the back row of Room 204 and preparing for my exam today, but when I went for supper, I lost my dear card.

As you know, the card is extremely useful for me. First of all, the CET 4 is drawing near, and I need it to enter the national test, which is held only two times a year. Besides, the student identification card is also required in the library and it is a "must" for me to withdraw money from the bank.

Will the finder please ring me up to fetch it back? My telephone number is 54567xx. I will be much obliged if anyone could help me.



a) 书写卷面工整。(作文没有草稿纸,也没有打 草稿时间,要训练一次写成功。)

b) 不要全部套模块。

c) 单词句子要有亮点,比如:I think可以写成:in my eyes; I firmly think; personally, I think.

d) 无重大语法错误。如:Some people are begin...; There are some people want ...; Why happen these things?(Why+ 助动词+主语)等,考试会的低分。