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四级作文练兵: 校园的攀比现象






 Some 20-somethings ,supposed to dedicate themselves to studies, are in hot pursuit of fashion. The craze to vie with each other is prevalent in colleges and universities. Undoubtedly, they have every reason to reverse the trend. 

 Students should concentrate themselves exclusively on studies, which should be on the top of their agenda. Holding the right concept of value makes sense. To earn an impressive academic performance, we college students must pour determined efforts into study and pay no attention to vogue

 Keeping up with the Jones results in the unavoidable distraction from studies. And college students are vulnerable to business promotional campaign. They are heavily targeted by ads. We should compete with our peers for better scholarly achievement instead of more expensive items.







 The prospect of uncertainties is putting a heavy strain on a growing number of college graduates. A major decision facing these freshmen of the real world is to choose a suitable life path.

 Some are bent on furthering their education abroad or going to graduate school, with the aim of acquiring more knowledge or increasing their chances of finding more gainful employment after they return home or graduate. Others decide to plunge themselves into the tight job market. Still others, who are in the minority, intend to set up their own business because they are more ambitious than their peers.

 These are tough choices. Next June, I will say good bye to my college days. Although a couple of options lie ahead of me, I have made up my mind to land a job with one of the big companies in some affluent areas, such as Yangtze Delta, Canton and so on. I was born into an impoverished urban family. My parents are laid-off and have been working feverishly to fund my college education. As a grown-up, I have to shoulder more responsibilities and strive to lighten my parents’ load. 


A foreign delegation is to visit your university . You are assigned to make a welcome speech on behalf of your class.Now write A welcome speech to express your welcome, amd make a brief introduction to your university .




   It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our university. Thank you very much for visiting our university in spite of your busy schedules.
   Huatsing University, under the direct leadership of the China State Ministry of Education, boasts a tradition of academic excellence. Founded in 1943, Huatsing University has grown to a comprehensive university combining science, engineering, law and liberal arts. HU has an enrollment of 9527 degree candidates and 2046 members at faculty. HU, with the outstanding scholarly achievement, eclipses any other universities and colleges in China. HU students display their talents in a wide array of extracurricular activities and win a range of national awards. That's all. Thank you.







 There is no doubt that traffic congestion becomes a growing worry for the residents of most urban areas. Some major roads are regularly choked with traffic in rush hours. The limited transport capacity contributes largely to the vexing problem. How to solve the headache?.
  The existing solutions to traffic jam mainly aim at creating metro bus systems and broadening major roads. Widening the existing roads can solve traffic snarls on some level. Soaring car ownership compounds the chronic annoying problem, so we must sharply reduce the heavy reliance on cars and drive a shift to the mass transportation. It is a cheap and good way. We can create a system of customized bus routes and highlight the development of subways, trolleys and light rail.  The effective combination of these solutions will enable the urban areas to possess a smooth traffic.







      How to arrange/allocate time? This issue splits college students apart. Some individuals' schedules are packed with various tasks related to study. They immerse themselves in books and don't do regular physical exercise. But most of the college students support the value of physical exertion.

To develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health, we must involve in regular sports practice. Chen Jingrun, a Mathematics towering figure, planted himself in complex questions without physical exercise. His premature death highlighted the significant health benefits from sports.

Historically, physical activity has been associated with health. Today, science has confirmed the link, with overwhelming evidence that people who lead active lifestyles are less likely to die early, or to experience major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers. A vast majority of college students do not meet recommended levels of moderate physical activity. Just do it! Let's participate in more physical exercise.(丁晓钟老师提供范文)







The advent of the Internet ushered in a new era of interpersonal communications and business operations. Undoubtedly, the Net are revolutionizing the daily lives of the people who have an access to it. The primary reason behind the Internet boom roots in its multifunction. It provides a vehicle for netizens to shop, search, publish blogs and browse WebPages.

 A range of problems lurking behind the frenzy of Internet impressively stand out. A vast majority of Internet users' mail boxes are saturated with junk mails, an issue which sparks strong criticism and generates the loss of corporate productivity. It's not alone. Porn websites lure a growing number of young people's visits. False news via the e-mail, BBS and chat room increasingly poses a threat to the social prosperity and stability.

 To crack down them, we should push for a more effectively tough law. We should join our forces to launch a nation-wide campaign, including imposing stiff penalties on spammers, shutting down or blocking the lewd sites and introducing a real-name registration system to curb fraudulent messages. We can fully believe that our combined efforts will reap rewards. A clean cyberspace will paint our lives more colorfully. An economically booming and technologically advanced global web will play a vital role in the national economic and cultural advancement. (丁晓钟老师提供范文)



Yesterday , I witnessed a theft incident on my way home. A woman took her wallet out and paid for a newspaper at Xinzhuang around 9:00 am. She put her wallet back and turned to leave when a mid-aged man brushed past him muttering "Excuse me". She didn't notice his wallet was missing.

 The rampant pickpocket has become a national epidemic and poses a grave threat to residents' and visitors' property safety. Pickpocket prevention, a daunting task for police, makes sense. All sides involved in this problem must join their forces to remove this social cancer.

 We all expect " A World Without Thieves". Everyone shares the huge responsibility for demonstrating his/her justice at proper time. Personal responsibility is vital to building a socialist harmonious society. (丁晓钟老师提供范文)


1. 图书馆内本专业藏书偏旧,不利于学生及时了解国内外新的学术发展。
2. 阅览室灯光太暗、没有空调设备。
3. 新开发的电子借阅系统有待完善——许多图书资料都无法使用该系统查到。

Dear President:
  I'm Li Ming. I venture to write to you and unveil the existing problems of the library under your charge.

 We exhaust our patience to look for items related to our major on shelves crammed with outdated shabby books. Most of them should be weeded. The newly published counterparts need to be purchased, displayed and circulated. The library armed with these fresh books enables us to track the newest information concerning scientific discoveries and scholarly accomplishment.

We all suffer the dim light and the absence of air conditioner in the reading room. This intolerably terrible scenario pressingly needs improving. The newly introduced library system is to be updated, for its search engine skips some valuable materials.

We are waiting for your response to these problems. (丁晓钟老师提供范文)
                                                                Li Ming







When a variety of problems plague the information systems, the critical importance of information security becomes the focus of people's concern. It does deserve the unprecedented emphasis. It is widely accepted that information security, to some extent, outweighs other spheres in the field of information. So the related authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations place the high priority on it.
    Information Security concerns a range of problems- information interception, loss, damage etc. Business and military information leakage will have an devastating impact. For the information owners and monitors, they must drive their efforts to enhance the security protection and maintenance. For example, a strict control over the access to the secret data shouldn't be absent. The network and software provider should take a set of tailored protection measures targeting different computer crimes. The security issues should be also considered at the legislative level, so we are clamoring for a law designed to clamp down on various cyber crimes.





Across the Chinese landscape, politeness is a desirable quality we have upheld for thousands of  years. To some extent, good manners far outweigh other moral qualities. For any college student, who has an access to higher education, showing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior is so important that others can judge his/her moral character  by it.

College students are supposed to express respect in words, by manner, by act. However, some of them fail to achieve it, which is a growing problem in this ancient land. Some students are to blame for their impolite and rude attitude toward others. Many children have the misfortune to be born in a disadvantageous atmosphere of developing polite habits. They should feel the pressing need to remedy these defects and learn to practice the courteous habits.

     In my eyes, it is a great mistake to think of courtesy as a kind of veneer or ornament rather than as a serious and practical thing. So we must act and speak politely.