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access n.入口,通路;进入,接近 接近(或进入,享用)的 机会
Students say they need easier access to computers and the Internet. ;学生们说他们需要更轻 易地获得使用电子计算 机和上因特肉的机会.
All children should have access to a good education. ;所有儿童都应该有 机会接受良好的教育.

assess vt.对......进行估价; 评价,评论
The value of the house was assessed at $400,000, ;这房子的估价 为40万美元,
$50,000 less than its selling price. ;比售价要低5万.
What is your assessment of the Oscar winning Kong-fu movie ;你有何评价对赢得奥斯卡 奖的功夫片
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? ;《卧虎藏龙》?

assignment n.任务;作业; n.分派,指派
We have so many assignments to do that we hardly have time for reading. ;这么多作业搞得我们 连阅读的时间都没有 了.
The foreman is responsible for the job assignments. ;工头的职责是分派工作.

exception n.例外,除外
"All students without exception must wear the school uniform during weekdays." ;"星期一到星期五全体 学生无一例外都要穿校 服."
"Even when sleeping?" ;睡觉的时候也得穿吗?

except prep.除......之外 conj.除了;要不是, 只是
Members of the U.K. royal family look indifferent except Princess Diana. ;除了戴安娜王妃之外, 英王室成员看上去冷 漠缺乏热情.
Nowadays people know little about their neighbours ;如今人们对 邻居了解甚少,
except for the fact that (=except that) they live next door. ;只知道他们住在隔壁.
Some couples would have divorced except for their children. ;一些夫妇要不是 因为孩子早离婚了.

motivate vt.激发,促动; vt.作为......的动机
Do you think examinations can motivate a student to seek more knowledge? ;你认为考试能不能促使 学生去追求更多的知识 呢?
Without direction and motivation,a person would not know what to do. ;一个人缺乏方向和动力 就不知道该干些什么.

perspective n.(整体的)观点, n.视点,视角;前景; 远景,景观; n.透视画法,透视图
We need to view the problem in the proper perspective. ;我们需以恰当的 观点来看待这个问题.
It is useful occasionally to look at the past ;偶尔回顾过去
to gain a perspective on the present. ;有助于展望未来.
Classic oil paintings greatly stress the laws of perspective. ;古典西方油画非常 讲求透视绘图法的 规律.

impact n.冲击,撞击;效果,影响 v.冲击,碰撞;影响,作用
Bullet-proof glass can withstand the tremendous impact of the shot. ;防弹玻璃可抵挡 子弹的巨大冲击力.
The impact of automation on the lives of factory workers is great. ;自动化对工厂工人 生活的影响很大.
(Automation impacts greatly on the lives of factory workers.) ;自动化对工厂工人 生活的影响很大.

actual a.实际的,现实的
The actual cost was much higher than we had expected. ;实际成本比我们预料的 高得多.

annual a.每年的 n.年刊,年鉴,年报
When interviewed for a job, ;在求职面试时
you will be asked about your expected annual income. ;你会被问及你所期望 的年收入是多少.
The New Year's evening show celebrating the Spring Festival ;迎春晚会
and broadcast live on CCTV is annually held in Beijing. ;中央电视台现场直播 每年都在北京举行.

essential a.主要的,必不可少的 a.本质的,基本的
Food,clothing,shelter and transportation are essential to life. ;衣、食、住、行是 生活中必不可少的.
The basic emotions of all people are essentially the same. ;所有人的基本感情 本质上都是一样的.

necessary a.必要的;必然的 n.[常p必需品
Good habits are necessary to one's health. ;好的生活习惯对 健康是必不可少的.
Death is the necessary end of life. ;死亡是生命的 必然终结.

necessarily ad.必定,必然
Rich people are not necessarily happy. ;有钱人不见得就幸福.
It's not necessarily true that boys are stronger than girls. ;男孩不一定比女孩强.

complete a.完整的,完全的 vt.完成,结束
Quite a few people have a complete set of Jin Yong's kong fu novels. ;不少人有全套金庸的武侠 小说.
In the 80's many Chinese students studying abroad ;在80年代,很多中国 留学生
wanted to stay abroad after completing their studies ;完成学业后想留在国外,
but now,more students are coming back to China. ;但现在却有更多学生正 回到中国来.

remarkable a.不平常的,非凡的, a.值得注意的,显著的
Qian Zhongshu had a remarkable memory; ;钱钟书有非凡的记忆力,
he only needed to read something once before learning it by heart. ;能过目不忘.
The characters in the Japanese cartoons ;日本动画片里的 卡通人物的
have remarkably big eyes and incredibly small mouths. ;眼睛都大得出奇, 而嘴巴却小得令人 难以置信.

place n.地方;住所;名次; 职位;场合 vt.放置;处理;任命
Many babies now use highly water-absorbent disposable diapers ;现在很多婴儿都有穿用 吸水性极强的一次性尿 布,
in place of the one-time cloth ones. ;而不用以前的 布尿布了.

term n.学期;名词,术语; (~s)条件
In terms of money the upstarts are quite rich, ;从金钱的角度看, 暴发户相当富有,
but not in terms of knowledge. ;但在知识方面则不然.

means n.方法,手段
People resolve conflicts between different countries ;人们解决国与国之间 的矛盾
primarily by means of peaceful negotiations, but resorting to force is not an exception. ;主要用和平谈判的手段, 但也不排除有诉诸于 武力的时候.

break n.(课间或工间)休息 vi.破碎,断裂 vt.打碎;打破;弄坏, 失灵,折断;使终止
Modern music like jazz has broken away from the old traditional rules. ;现代音乐如爵士乐 摆脱了旧的传统规则.
Your computer will break down if you open the E-mails that contain viruses. ;如果打开带病毒的 电子邮件,你的电 脑就会失灵.

adapt vt.使适应,使适合; 改编,改写 vi.(~to)适应
Having lived in Guangzhou for years, ;有些人在广州生活多年,
some people still can't adapt themselves to the hot and humid weather. ;却仍然不适应炎热 又潮湿的天气.
The film that mirrors the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities, ;反映法国革命的 电影《双城记》
was adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens. ;是由查尔斯.狄更斯的同 名小说改编而成的.

suit n.一套衣服或西服; 起诉,诉讼 vt.适合;使相配,使合适
It is difficult to find a time that suits everybody. ;很难找到一个对 每人都合适的时间.
No dish suits all tastes. ;众口难调.

regulate vt.管制,控制,调节, 校准;调整
Experts say that our work and rest is regulated by a biological clock in us ;专家们说我们的作息受 体内生物钟的制约.

coordinate a.同等的,并列的 vt.调节,协调 n.坐标
Coordinate clauses are usually joined by and,or,but,etc. ;并列分句通常由and, or,but等词来连接.
I found it hard to coordinate my movements when I first learned to swim. ;刚开始学游泳的时候我 发现很难协调自己的动 作.

response n.反应,响应; 回答,答复
The homework cuts for elementary students ;对小学生的 作业减负措施
produced a favorable response from the public. ;在公众中引起 积极的反响.
You may get little response to your greetings ;你打多少次招呼 也可能没人理你
if your nickname is not attractive enough in the chat room. ;如果你在网上聊天室 里的昵称魅力不够.

responsible a.有责任的,应负责任 a.可靠的; 责任重大的,重要的
The police are responsible for the preservation of public order and security. ;警察有责任维护公共秩序 和安全.

settlement n.殖民,移民; 居留地,殖民地, 拓居地
Negotiation is the best way for the sett- lement of a conflict between two countries. ;谈判是解诀两国矛盾 冲突的最佳方式.
The settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth were among the first in the New world. ;詹姆斯敦和普利茅斯 都是首批移民定居地 (美洲)新大陆的.

solution n.答案;解决办法; 溶解(作用);溶液
Using force is not the best solution to an argument. ;使用武力不是 解决争执的上策.

gain vt.得到;增进;赚到 vi.获利;增加; n.增加,增进[常p 好处,收益,利润
Wherever you work, ;不管在哪儿工作,
you will gain much valuable experience as long as you are willing to work. ;只要肯干,你都会 获得许多宝贵经验.
Since I graduated from college,I gained weight. ;大学毕业后 我体重增加了.

grasp vt.抓?徽莆?领会 n.抓紧;掌握
Skim the text to grasp its main idea. ;通篇快速浏览, 抓住文章大意.
A man who grasps too much may lose everything. ;贪得无厌的人, 可能毫无所得.
Nuclear physicists need to have a thorough grasp of physics, ;核物理学家要 掌握物理学、
chemistry,and calculus. ;化学和微积分学.

earn vt.赚得,获得
The Golden Collars earn more than 500,000 dollars a year. ;金领一族一年就 可以赚50万美元以上.
Clinton lost the public trust as a person ;作为一个人,克林顿 失去了公众的信任,
but earned it as a president. ;但作为一个总统, 他却赢得了他们的信赖.

seize vt.抓住,逮住; 夺取,占领
The talks seized up and were rescheduled. ;会谈僵住了, 只好重新安排.
Seize every opportunity you can! ;要抓住每一个机会!
The class which seizes the political power will be the ruling class. ;哪个阶级夺取了政权 就成为统治阶级.

compress vt.压缩,浓缩
The debater compressed his argument into just a few sentences. ;辩手把论点扼要地 用几句话表述了出来.

shrink vi.起皱,收缩; (~ from)退缩,畏缩 vt.使起皱,使收缩
Will this shirt shrink if I wash it? ;这件衬衣洗过后 会缩水吗?
So far,Ecteinascidin has proved particularly effective ;迄今已经证明Ecteinascidi n (抗癌药)特别有效
in shrinking tumors that arise from soft tissue such as fat, muscle,and nerves. ;对于缩小那些从脂肪、 肌肉及神经等软组织 中生长出来的肿瘤
A shy man shrinks from meeting strangers. ;羞怯的人怕见生人.

drop v.(使)落下;(使) 下降;(使)放弃 n.(一)滴; [p滴剂;微量
Price will drop when supply exceeds demand. ;供过于求的时候 物价就会下跌.
I've got a cold and a stuffy nose, ;我感冒鼻塞,
so the doctor prescribed me some medicine including nasal drops. ;医生给我开了一些药, 其中有滴鼻液.

decrease [di'kri: ;v.减少,减小 n.减少(量),减小
Interest in bowling is decreasing. ;人们对保龄球的 兴趣已逐渐减少.