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tidy a.整洁的,整齐的 v.整理,收拾
Keeping the room tidy doesn't mean keeping things out of sight. ;保持房间整洁并不意味 着把东西放在看不见的 地方.
No matter how messy my room is,I always tidy it up before guests arrive. ;无论我的房间平时多么脏 乱,我总会在客人到来 之前把它收拾整齐.

order n.命令;顺序,秩序; 定购;汇票 vt.命令;点菜;定购
An article can be written in chronological,spatial or logical order. ;文章可以按时间, 空间或逻辑顺序来写.
If a girl orders the most expensive food on her first dinner date, ;如果一个女孩在她第 一次(与异性的)晚 餐约会时就点最贵的菜,
she is probably rich or greedy. ;她很可能非富则贪.

clear a.清楚的;晴朗的;畅通的 ad.清楚,清晰 vt.清除,使明白; vi.变晴;变清澈
In seriously polluted cities,a clear sky is seldom seen. ;在污染严重的城市里, 晴朗无云雾的天空很 少见.
I like to get up early in the morning and clear my head in the fresh cool air. ;我喜欢清晨早起, 在新鲜清凉的空气 中清醒头脑.
run vi.跑;行驶;运转;流,淌 vt.使移动;管理;操作; 运送 n.奔跑;运行;行程
Still waters run deep. ;[静水深流.(比喻 沉静或寡言者有强烈感 情或非凡智慧.)
Stop trying to run my life for me! ;我的生活用 不着你来管!
appeal vt. 呼吁,恳求;申诉; (~ to)诉诸,求助; 投合(兴趣或心意) n.呼吁;申诉;吸引力
Environmentalists appeal to people to use less plastic bags. ;环保人士呼吁人们 少用塑料袋.
When you are in trouble,do you appeal to your friends or parents for help? ;当你有麻烦的时候, 你是求助于朋友还是 父母?
Abstract paintings don't appeal to me much. ;抽象派画不怎么能 引起我的兴趣.
appreciate vt.感激;欣赏;领会
I do appreciate your help. ;非常感谢您的帮助.
You can't fully appreciate foreign literature in translation. ;你不能通过翻译 充分鉴赏外国文学.

apply vi.(~ for sth. ~to sb.)申请,请求;适用 vt.(~to)使用,运用; 敷,涂
An overseas student ;留学生
can apply for a scholarship to study in some American universities ;可以向美国的一些 大学申请奖学金
if he meets their requirements. ;如果条件符合.
We should try to apply the English we've learned to our daily conversations. ;我们应该把学到的 英语应用到日常对 话当中.

application n 应用,适用, 申请(表)
The application of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods ;把科学的新发明应用到 工业生产上,
usually makes jobs easier to do. ;往往使工作更容易 进行.
Please fill out this job application. ;请填写这张 就业申请表.

applicant n.申请人
There are always more applicants for a job than needed. ;申请工作的人总比 实际需要的多.

applicable a.能应用的,适用的
Some regulations for overseas-invested companies ;对外资公司的一些规定
are not applicable to state-owned enterprises. ;不适用于国有企业.

approve vt.同意,批准 vi.(~ of)赞成,称许
An obedient child seldom does anything that his parents do not approve of. ;听话的孩子很少做 父母不赞成的事情.
The US Congress has again approved ;美国国会再次批准
the bill to grant China the most favorite nation. ;美国国会再次批准 给予中国最惠国待遇.

lead vt.引导;带领; 过(某种生活) vi.(~ to)导致,引起, 通向
A senior engineer said China led the world in conduction the weather interference. ;一位高级工程师说, 中国的天气干扰技术 领先世界.
One careless move may lead to the loss of the entire game. ;一着不慎,满盘皆输.

result n.结果,成绩 vi.(~in)导致,结果是; (~from)因...而造成, 起因于
Lack of sleep results in many diseases. ;睡眠不足会引起许多 疾病.
My poor eyesight resulted from working too much in front of the computer screen. ;我的视力不好,是因为 面对计算机屏幕工作的 时间太长了.

step n.脚步;阶梯;步骤 vt.举步,走;踩,踏上
Haste makes waste. You've got to do it step by step. ;欲速则不达. 你得一步一步地干.
Will you step this way please? ;请这边走.

lie n.谎言 vi.躺下;位于;说谎
The American movie True Lies stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. ;美国电影《真实的谎言》 是由施瓦辛格主演的.
Happiness lies in contentment. ;知足常乐.

No competition, no progress. ;没有竞争就没有进步.

pace n.步,步伐 vt.踱步
Those who can't keep pace with the times will soon find themselves out of date ;跟不上时代脚步的人 会很快发现自己过时.

touch vt.触,碰,感动;论及 vi.触摸,接触 n.触动;少许
Our discussion doesn't touch on politics. ;我们的讨论不涉及 政治话题.
There was a touch of irony in Mark Twain's works. ;马克.吐温的作品 带点讽刺意味.

bite v.咬,叮 n.咬/叮(的伤口) 一口食物
Once bitten, twice shy. ;[一朝被蛇咬, 十年怕草绳.
This is delicious. Have a bite of it! ;这味道好极了, 尝一口吧!

sting vt.刺,蜇,叮;刺痛, 使痛苦;激怒; vi.刺,蜇,叮;感到痛苦 n.刺痛;叮
If you hurt the bee, it will sting you. ;如果你伤害蜜蜂, 它就会蜇你.
The sting of jealousy is even worse than the sting of a bee. ;嫉妒的刺痛比蜜蜂蜇伤 的痛有过之而无不及.

stick n.棍,手杖 vi.刺戳,扎;粘贴 vt.被粘住,卡住;留下, 长期保留
What a bad day! ;今天真倒霉!
I stuck my finger with a needle while I was sewing my shirt, ;我在缝衬衫进给针 扎伤了手指,
and an umbrella stuck into my back while I was getting off the bus. ;下公共汽车时又 不知道让谁的伞 戳着后背.
Soot sticks to anything it touches. ;油烟接触到什么东西 都粘住不掉.

way n.道路;方向;方面; 方法;作风,习惯
They thought we would give way to their demands because they are a superpower. ;他们以为自己是超级大 国,我们就会对他们的要 求让步.
Overpopulation is in the way of the construction of modern country. ;人口过剩是国家现代化 建设的绊脚石.

scratch v.抓,搔;刮擦,刻划 n.抓,刮;抓痕,划痕
Scratching the rash will make it worse. ;抓搔皮疹会使 它更严重.

vain a.无益的,徒劳的; 自负的,虚荣的
You are so vain. ;你真是自视清高.
All our work was in vain. ;我们白干了一场.

effect n.作用,影响;结果; 效力 vt.实现;使生效;引起
Plato's teaching had quite an effect on Aristotle. ;柏拉图的学说对亚里斯 多德有极大的影响.

loss n.丧失,遗失;损失, 损耗,亏损;失败
Every year floods cause great losses in China. ;水灾每年在中国 造成极大的损失.

withdraw vt.&vi.收回,撤销; 取(钱),提(款); 缩回,退出
It's more convenient to withdraw money from an ATM than from the bank. ;在柜员机取钱比到 银行去要方便.

debate v.争论,辩论 n.争论,辩论
We will debate about the advantages and disadvantages ;我们将对利与弊 进行辩论
of college students' doing part-time jobs next week. ;关于大学生兼职,下周.
The tradition of unlimited debate in the United States Senate is very strong. ;无边无际的辩论的传统 意识在美国参议院十分 强烈.

consult vt.请教,与...商量; 查阅 vi.交换意见,商议
When you feel sad and don't want to trouble your friends,you can consult a psychiatrist ;在你悲伤又不想去麻烦 朋友的时候,可以请教 一下精神科医生.
Consult your dictionary when unsure of your spelling. ;对拼写无把握时 就要查阅词典.

dispute n.争论,争执 vi.争论 vt.对...表示异议, 就...发生争论
In many Western countries, ;在许多西方国家,
there has been much dispute over the question of legalized abortion. ;有关堕胎合法化问题 引起了许多争论.

lack vt./n.缺乏,不足,没有
An unaccredited school in the U.S. may close for lack of funds. ;在美国,没有达到国家 教育质量标准的学校可 能会由于资金不足停办
Extroverts tend to lack self-discipline while introverts lack courage. ;性格外向的人往往缺乏 自我约束力而内向的人 则缺乏勇气.

leak vi.& vt.(泄)漏 n.漏洞,裂缝;泄露
The water around the Persian Gulf were seriously polluted ;波斯湾附近的水域 受到严重污染
because of the leaking of crude oil. ;由于原油泄漏.
A gas leak can result in a fire. ;煤气泄漏可能会引起 火灾.
The principal of St. Andrews University has warned students ;圣安德鲁斯大学校长 已警告学生
that they could be expelled if they leak stories about Prince Williama to the media. ;不得向传媒透露有关英国 威廉王子的事情,否则可 能被逐出校门

omit vt.省略,删节; 疏忽,忽略
In headlines the verb "be" is often omitted in order to save space ;为节省空间,(书刊、报纸 大字标题中,(英语的) “be”动词通常被省略掉

spot n.斑点,污点;地点, vt.玷污,弄脏; 发现,认出
Don't wear white trousers on rainy days, ;下雨天不要穿白裤子,
or the spots of mud will be very conspicuous. ;要不沾上的 泥点会很显眼.
A person who has a good eye for spotting mistakes ;善于察觉错误的人
may sometimes be considered nit-picky. ;有时会被认为 是尖酸刻薄.

point v.指着 n.尖(端);(小数)点; 细目;得分;要点;论点,
My point is that I can get at least 18 points ;我说的是我至少 能拿18分
in the listening comprehension in the college English test Band-4. ;在大学英语四级 考试听力部分.

trank n.小路;跑道; 火车轨道;足迹 vt.跟踪
After graduation we find it difficult to keep track of our old friends. ;毕业以后我们发现很 难找到老朋友的踪影.
Police sometimes use military dogs to track criminals. ;警察有时用军犬 来追踪罪犯.

trace vt.查出;追溯, 找出根源 n.踪迹,痕迹;微量
I can't trace the file you want on disk C. ;我在C盘找不到 你要的文件.
Some people's fear of marriage can be traced back to their parents' divorce. ;一些人对婚姻的恐惧 可以追溯到他们父母 的离异.